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League: Faker is the factor that makes SKT continuously fall in the group stage of MSI 2019

Cập nhật: 26 thg 5, 2019 lúc tháng 5 26, 2019

Owning a star like Faker in the team is sometimes a disadvantage for SKT T1.

The gameplay is too slow

SKT has crowned the world champion three times in a slow, controlled way, but it is the story of the 2017 years before. Ngoc Chinh Con was redone so that the battlegrounds of the battle were very strong, moreover, when the color of Pearl's Footsteps was widely used, the teams often fought early, had the network early to get shoes from the point this pearl as soon as possible.

anh1-1557742908153972182917 LMHT: Faker chính là nhân tố khiến SKT liên tục thất thủ ở vòng bảng MSI 2019?

But SKT T1 is still the same, they still keep the game slow and wait for fighting like that, even Clid is starting to follow that traditional way that Bengi left. This leads to SKT forest riders moving much slower than their competitors. This is clearly reflected in the match against G2, Clid often moves slowly to 2 times compared to Jankos and lets his passersby get ganking pretty easily.

anh2-1557742941408821009571 LMHT: Faker chính là nhân tố khiến SKT liên tục thất thủ ở vòng bảng MSI 2019?

Jankos gank the road over two continuous phases but Clid's Elise still has no reaction

Young players are psychological

It is awkward to say that SKT has psychological problems but looking back more carefully, besides Mata and Faker, the three remaining SKT players are all new young gamers for the first time (like Teddy or Clid) or encountering many failures in the past, but Khan and one example when 2017, the year when his Kingzone was then the number one hope of Koreans to fail in the quarterfinals.

Khan is probably still obsessed with being eliminated early in CKTG 2017

Teddy and Clid have yet to compete internationally, and when they encounter strong opponents like Invictus Gaming or G2, the new bugs and error handling phases make SKT play very hard. This needs to be overcome immediately by SKT coaches when the knockout round is very close, SKT may still have a place in the top 4 but if you keep playing with a fear like So, the possibility of being eliminated right from the semi-final of SKT is huge.

Too dependent on Faker

This familiar story happened in MSI this time, when Faker got the advantage and hit it well, SKT won, and when Faker only stopped at the level of the road and didn't hit too well, SKT was defeated. The reason is probably because SKT's way of putting resources in the middle of the road is too much, Clid often takes care of mid to ensure Faker is comfortable farming and countering ganks when necessary. Moreover, Faker's play style is not the way to play and can support his teammates well.

anh3-1557742958665861247719 LMHT: Faker chính là nhân tố khiến SKT liên tục thất thủ ở vòng bảng MSI 2019?

Faker is a strong point that is also SKT's weakness when they depend too much on the "Demon King".

This is true in the case of SKT winning the road and having an early advantage, but in the games, typically 16p losing to IG, being overpowered, SKT is struggling to know what to do to restrain. They still try to farm, try to plug their eyes, try to control but the opponent does not give them that opportunity, they are pulled out of their comfortable play and punished when swept into the opponent's play.

SKT did not respond to the fast play of IG and lost after 16p


SKT with 3 wins and 3 losses after 3 days of competition, this result still ensures a chance to reach the top 4, however with losing G2 in both matches, and most likely losing to Invictus Gaming, The competition goal at the top of the table is almost no longer available. Therefore, SKT needs to be prepared to face or IG or G2 in the semi-finals, they need to play faster, create more conditions for the position to shine, instead of maintaining the same gameplay when depends too much and Faker.

It's time to roll Haru in so SKT has a new play